Thursday, 9 December 2010

Enrolment for EQE 2012, official dates published

here is an announcement for EQE 2012

The very first pre-exam will be held on Monday 5 Mar 2012.
The last day to enrol will be 27 June 2011

The old-style EQE will be held for the last time on 6 - 8 Mar 2012
The last day to enrol for first-time sitters is 16 May 2011
and for resitters it is 12 Sept 2011

Be aware that these enrolment dates are final, and cannot be extended. If you miss them, you have to wait an extra year.


  1. Wow. Why such early cutoff dates for enrollment?

  2. For the pre-exam: it is probably because they have no real idea of the number of people who will take the pre-exam.

    I don't know the reason for having such an early date for the main examination.

  3. Thinking about it some more, it may be to give candidates a chance to register for the pre-exam if it turns out that they don't have enough experience years to fulfill the criteria for the main exam.