Wednesday, 18 July 2012

EQE 2012 - Paper D

Congratulations to all who passed the D paper this year, either outright or as a compensable fail.

Looking at all the 1440 candidates [including 124 who scored 0 points]:
- about 44% got 45 or higher [compensable fail] and 33% got 50 or higher [pass].

This is more than in 2011 [then, about 35% got 45 or higher].


  1. Thank you for your congratulations. I passed :)
    And a big thank you for the excellent basic D course and all the exam materials. I wouldn't have passed without all of that.

  2. Carol Vandeputte18 July 2012 at 11:16

    Thank you Pete!!! I'm one of the compensable fails. I've got 45 but I got it. The EQE did not defeat me this year. Thanks also for the interesting course!!! It was certainly helpful!

  3. Hi Pete,

    I passed D with a comfortable margin (74 points). Beats me how I got those, I considered my D-II paper a disaster area (missed a 54(3) prior right, for heaven's sake!), and lost quite some sleep over that. I guess that shows you never can tell what the exam commitee will do...

    Thanks for the excellent training!

  4. Thanks DeltaPatents! and especially Jelle, Pete and Joeri for effective training sessions and excellent training material ! Followed both C and D with DP and passed them this year from the first time...which makes me together with the A and B from last year an European Patent Attorney. Thanks again!

  5. I got A:68%; B:58%; C:47%; and D:42%.

    Clearly D is for Dammit!

    Congratulations to all who passed. These are the toughest exams I have ever taken!

    1. Failing with 42 seems pretty cruel. At least you got the other three - you can keep the C as a compensable fail, so if you get 45 points or more on D at a future attempt, you will pass everything.

  6. Thanks Pete, both for stats, your congratz and thanks also for good course and a lot of good training material. I'm sure that I would not be one of the lucky 33% without DeltaPatents, especially your emphasis on focusing on D2 (as I’m pretty sure that D2 supplied my with at least 35p ;-).

  7. Congratulations to all who passed at least something - every paper passed should be celebrated.
    And special congratulations if you passed D.

    Thanks for the kind words - in the end it is down to your own hard work,but it is nice to hear that we helped.

    Enjoy the feeling.

  8. I too would like to say thank you to Pete and his colleagues at DP (--> Pete, please pass on my thanks :-)

    I comfortably passed Paper D this year and it is, without doubt, largely due to studyng the DP books "Questions and Answers for Paper D". Practicing with these books provided a real targeted approach that covers (as far as possible) the different possible questions/considerations that might come up. And it didn't let me down!!!

    So... a real big THANK YOU!!