Friday, 27 July 2012

The new D paper in 2013

The Examination Board recently published more information about the EQE 2013 papers. There are no mock exams, so candidates and tutors do not know exactly what the papers will look like.

What we do know:
- A single 5 hour exam on Tuesday - see schedule 
- with DI-style questions [roughly about 40% of marks to be done in 2 hours]
- with DII-style questions [roughly about 60% of marks to be done in 3 hours]
- the exam is testing the same level of ability and knowledge as in previous years [just in a different way]

So, during your preparation:
- prepare for DI questions
- prepare for DII questions
- consider [& try] different exam strategies

... and on the exam:
- The main difference in 2013 will be less time, so an appropriate strategy and good time-keeping will be essential.
- look through the exams before you start writing to see what you have to do. If the exam looks different than you expected. (e.g. different number of questions, different order, less prior art, more prior art), don't panic. If you can do the previous exams, then you can do this one
- decide on a strategy, and how to best divide your time

Our courses for EQE 2013 have now been fully updated for the new D paper:
- We provide methodologies for both DI and DII parts
- We discuss strategies for optimising the points scored within the shorter time provided

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