Friday, 17 July 2015

Examiner's Report Paper D EQE 2015 available

The Examiner's Report for Paper D of EQE 2015 is available on the EQE Paper D Compendium webpage.

At this moment (17 July; still on 25 Aug), it is only available in English, and the webpages indicate that translations into French and German are in preparation.
Candidate's Answers are available in all three languages (25 August).

The Examiner's report gives "possible answers" for all legal questions (DI) as well as the questions of the legal advice part (DII). We refer to the Examiner's Report for the possible answers. Discussion on this blog is appreciated. 
Our answers, posted in the first few days after the EQE on this blog, can be found as "Our answer to the DI-part of D 2015"  and  "Our answer to the DII-part of D 2015", as well as "D2015: First impressions?" and "D 2015 results for various types of candidates".

The Examiner's report also makes some general and specific remarks, which we repeat below. We invite all candidates and tutors to post their comments.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

D 2015 results for various types of candidates

The D paper of 2015 was taken by candidates that never sat any Pre-Exam ("from the old system"), and candidates that passed one of the Pre-Exam in 2012, 2013 or 2014 (the latter possibly after a correction of the results for statement 10.4 after successful appeals).

It gives the following numbers:

D 2015 Pre 2014 Never Pre All non-0
#sitting D (non-zero) 428 325 985
#passes D  322 110 554
#passes+comp fail D  353 151 667
#compfail D 31 325 113
#fail D (non-zero) 75 174 318
#fail D (zero) 8 27 44
#passes D  75% 34% 56%
#passes+comp fail D  82% 46% 68%
#compfail D 7% 100% 11%
#fail D (non-zero) 18% 54% 32%

Thus, of all 985 candidates that sat paper D in 2015, 428 passed the Pre-Exam in 2014 - this group had a pass rate of 75%, whereas 325 candidates from the old system has a poor pass rate of only 34%.

(The remaining 985-428-325=232 candidates that passed Pre-Exam 2012 or Pre-Exam 2013 and sat Paper D fir the first time, or -a few of them- sat paper D for the second time)

Any comments are welcome.

Roel, 7 July 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Results Main Exam EQE 2015 now available!

Today, 2 July 2015, the results from the EQE Main Exam 2015 were made available on the EQE webpages (pdf), as a list showing the marks per EQE regnr. The pdf-file also indicates that the official results letters will be dispatched as of 14 July onwards, and that only the results as notified in the official results letter are legally binding.

Pass rates for each of the papers papers and score distributions are presented in our general EQE blog: