Thursday, 14 January 2016

Our FREE printable versions of the PCT Applicants Guide - available now for EQE 2016

Every year, the WIPO produces a printable version of the complete PCT Applicants Guide, including all the annexes, specifically for the Pre- and Main Exam. The current version can be found here. However, this version is 1800 pages, and much of the information provided will never be required at the exam because it falls outside the syllabus.

Candidates already have enough to take to the exam. Based upon the EQE Regulations, past D papers and comments from the D Examination Committee, we have produced this abbreviated version to lighten the load and to save a few trees.

Additionally, the WIPO provides useful overviews on its website to use at the exam, such as the PCT reservations, overviews for restoration of priority etc. which we have also included. Many candidates are unaware of their existence, and they are not even included in the official 1800 page version.

Our document of about 875 pages will be available (form next week) free of charge to download from the DeltaPatents website ( – navigate to Training / Course Links and look under PCT for the “PCT references”. Use the links below if you want to download them this week. Please feel free to pass on the links to anyone who needs them.

To save paper when printing, it is designed to be printed with 2 pages on each side of an A4.

Basic information is included for all PCT states such as Treaty membership, reservations, national entry deadlines etc. For the most relevant states, almost all information from the Applicants Guide annexes is included:
  • The top 21 receiving Offices in 2014 and the top 20 dO/eO’s in 2013 (WIPO statistics) 
  • All EPC states and all extension states 
  • All ISA’a, SISA’s, IPEA’s, and all Intergovernmental Organizations
Extensive information is provided for the EPO. For the other four largest patent offices - CN, EP, JP, KR, US, the complete summary of entry requirements and national procedure from the national chapter is provided (the fees and forms have been removed).

New this year:
  • Full details of the validation states Morocco (MA) and Moldova (MD) have been added
  • Part I (General) now includes an overview of offices participating in the DAS system. This is included because it also explains how DAS is used. Note that the EPO does not yet participate in this system. This will never be tested in depth on the D paper - just know that this system exists.
  • Part I (General) now includes an overview of national security restrictions. It is included because a number of EPC states are mentioned (this information is also in the National Law book) and the US. This will never be tested in depth on the D paper as it is related to national law - just know that these problems exist.
This reference is split into 3 parts:
Good luck at the EQE!