Friday, 29 June 2018

D 2018: the results are in!!

The results are in: the list of scores for each EQEreg-number can be found here (via EQE Results and Statistics).

1123 candidates enrolled forpaper D 2018.
Of these:
- 33% passed (369 our of 1123)
- 12% got a compensable fails (140)
- i.e., 45% passed or got compensable fail
- 55% failed (641)
- 54 did not show up (score 0)

With an average score of 42,7, the scores varied from 5 to 79.

This is a significantly lower pass rate than in previous years (pass+compensable fail in 2017: 54%; in 2015 even 67%!).

The Examiner's Report is not yet available (29 June, 16:55).

Update 5 July 19:30: the Examiner’s Report is now also available online.

Roel, Joeri


  1. Fried Food Product Lover29 June 2018 at 18:15

    For my sake, I hope these results are accurate

  2. Wow, that is a low pass rate. It didn't feel like that when sitting it, although it was apparently not an easy one. But 33% of pass is kind of shocking.

  3. I got 51 marks but I thought I have failed ... I think with such a low pass rate there will be a bunch of appeals.

    I think the DI part saved me ... DII was a mess ...

  4. The Examiner's Report is out!

    See the DI 2018 blog and the DII 2018 blog for the first things that caught my eye when quicky scanning the Examiner's Report. Please add your comments there.

  5. Has anyone been succesful in appealing D 2018?


    1. Nobody succesful in appealing D 2018?