Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Thanks to patents, I work in the top Micro City in Europe !

Eindhoven scores thanks to patents
The leading British newspaper Financial Times has named Eindhoven a European City of the Future for 2010/11:
Every year, the Financial Times magazine fDI rates European cities and regions based on their respective economical achievements. After more than 6 months of researching 223 cities in Europe, Eindhoven was placed 10th in the Western European City category, and 1st in the 'Micro Cities' category for cities with less than 250.000 residents.  
Eindhoven’s performance was due to high scores for economic potential and business friendliness, based on criteria such as the number of patents, number of companies in R&D and high-tech manufacturing, employment in the knowledge-intensive sector, forecast growth rate, and innovation index.
The full article can be read here

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