Wednesday, 16 February 2011

EQE2011: known errors in reference materials

Updates are available for the reference books.

18th Edition Visser:

An update is available here:

Note that the text for R.36(1) in this update is incorrect. It should be:
(a) the divisional application is filed before the expiry of a time limit of twenty-four months from the Examining Division's first communication under Article 94, paragraph 3, and Rule 71, paragraph 1 and 2, or Rule 71, paragraph 3, in respect of the earliest application for which a communication has been issued, or

On page 164 (Art.79(2) OJ2010, 603 is wrong for the extension fees grace period. It should be OJ2009, 603
I have reported this to Derk already

Sept 2010 version of Hoekstra:
Updates are available here:

Erratum for the the Question and Answer books:

Good luck.
Remember that under the new compensation rules, if you get 45 points or more on D, you can compensate it with A/B/C. You can compensate either at this sitting or at future sittings of A/B/C.

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